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Day 1 of 365 – The Last Cigarette in My Life / 29.12.2011

December 29, 2011

This is my last cigarette.

The Last Cigarette in My Life

The Last Cigarette in My Life

I’ll try to describe in my future posts, why I decided to mark exactly this cigarette as the last one in my whole life.

The thinking, experience, plans, the basics of this 365 days experiment and many other related data to this experiment will be provided, too.

I do not just want to quit smoking. The principle is behind it. It’s pure real scientific experiment. I’d like to study how the cigarette has influenced my life in the past and what kind of changes I am going to meet without this useless stinky stuff.

When the whole experiment will pass correctly, I’d expect to collect a good set of data to be evaluated and the conclusion report of the whole experiment would be published.

I’m like one of you. One of slightly more than people on this Earth.

I’m scientist. I am looking for the truth. It gonna be seen, if I would be able to finish the whole experiment and if some valuable experience I got would be also valuable for the report.

So, do not waste time and words.

The experiment has been started a couple of seconds ago and we gonna see what will happen.

I’m looking forward to the future 🙂


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