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WTF? The Experiment? To Quit smoking? What do I mean by it?

December 29, 2011

What the fuck is this?

Nothing and anything, it depends on the approach.

The Experiment’s Basics

I decided to study all the influences, changes, implications and other related stuff to collect, to evaluate and to summarize the data. I want to study, how the fucking cigarette has influenced my life, how easy or hard will be the life without it and how everything will evaluate in the time for next 365 days.

The study is allowed by one strong fact. I smoked for many years. I smoked cigarettes in the very unusual way, in weird way. I plan to explain details about it in some future posts. I know, the smoking is stupidity, I knew it. It’s pure clear fact. But I found the way how to stop it just the last night, when I could not sleep. The way, which should work for me. Only time will show me, if this way is the right one. More details on this would be provided later, of course. I could not reveal everything, what I have on my mind in one single post, in one single day.

The Rules

  • to write the whole true every day
  • to write everything what is related to the experiment
  • to write something every single day for the whole experiment time (365 days)
  • to eat apples
  • to wear clean socks
  • to not smoke cigarette, because it kills experiment basic principle

The Goal

I want to collect data of my moods, feelings, opinions, changes and everything other what is related to the experiment for the whole year and then methodically evaluate all collected information.

I am looking forward to the results. I want to know, if I get some valuable experience. And,… yeah, the secondary mission object is to quit smoking, but… fuck it for now. The study and the science – these two aspects are most valuable for me.

The Sense of the Blog

Why do I write about it the blog? The answers are simple.

  • I want to write it
  • I want to remember my current feelings
  • I want to be able to recall the facts exactly (our memories are selective and thus these are not exact after some time)
  • I want to keep records of the experiment (it’s the right way how to keep the experiment managed)

It seems to be enough for today. There is no need to write everything now, it does not make the sense.

The next couple of days should be the piece of cake. Let me explain later, why I think it, why I know it. It has the reference to the already mentioned weird way, how I smoked in the past.


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  1. Hey There Exsmokerexperiment,
    Interesting Thoughts, Stop smoking cigarettes aids abound. Whilst they might probably assure you can give up smoking rather quickly and easily and evade withdrawal symptoms, you can uncover there are drawbacks. The right quit smoking idea is to identify a organic way to give up smoking cigarettes. That usually means uncovering remedies that do not involve medicines or other addictive items.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

    • I do agree. As I wrote in this article or in the other one, I do not want to use any other addictive substances. I decided to use apples instead of cigarettes, what I tried to describe in the article for Day 2

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