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Day 2 of 365 – In the Morning / 30.12.2011

December 30, 2011

As I thought yesterday in the evening, it is currently piece of cake. I have no problem without the cigarette and I am sure it will be in the same manner for next days till Monday morning.

Monday morning could be the first stress, because I’ll go to work to do business and… yes, exactly, I’ll pass all my favorites caffés and restaurants, where smoking is allowed. I know I can’t go there. I have to find new favorite places around the city, new favorite restaurants and new fav caffés, where there is no smoker’s part.

I think that could be critical for the first couple of months, because I have to change the usual way of my ordinary days to avoid the cigarette. I selected that apples exchange the cigarette. The decision is supported by several purposes:

  • apples can be bought anywhere (same like cigarettes)
  • the price for 1 kg of apples is one half of the ordinary cigarette package price, thus I can eat daily up to 2 kgs of apples for the same price (so, there’s no change to my expenses in the worst case – I can’t imagine I could eat more than 2 kgs of apples per day)
  • apples can’t prepare a bad surprise; nobody can tell me anything that I eat apple
  • eating apples is discreet, although it is ordinary visible; no stupid question can come up to anybody’s mind to be asked to me
  • apples are far better than chocolate, apples are far better than candy, etc.; in short: apples are far better than the most of other candidates to be exchanged for the cigarette
  • the most important reason: I like apples 🙂


Yeah, I go to eat some apples now 🙂 Still funny experiment, still very optimistic, still piece of cake…. 🙂 It’s going to change soon, I’m sure 🙂


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