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Day 3 of 365 – Weekend as usual / 31.12.2011

December 31, 2011

I did not smoke whole Friday and today, of course. It is nothing exceptional, cause I started this experiment, where the most important fact is to not smoke and study my life without the cigarette.

There is no surprise yet for me, how I feel. As usual weekend for many past years, the first day is not a problem to be without cigarette. Why? Because I smoked for years in a very weird way. I smoked almost every weekday during the working / business hours, but I almost never smoked in the evening and almost never smoked on weekends. Naturally, it sounds strange, but it’s fact.

The consequence of this fact denotes that I know how should I feel for the first couple of days without the cigarette. It is exactly in the manner, which is expected.

The first day without cigarette (usually it was Saturday for many years) is not a problem at all. The second one (Sunday as usually; but this week it’s slightly moved caused by the end of the years – I did not work on Friday) it is the same as I expected. I started to feel the full potbelly, what is caused by the fact of worse peristalsis of the intestines, thus problems with defecating. It’s uncomfortable, but not a huge problem. It will automatically solve in a couple of days, when each next day the defecating will be better and better.

It’s well known fact that smokers have more frequently problems with defecating in comparison to non-smokers. Nothing new for me.

I have no problem to pass 2-3 long awkward with it. I just feel slightly worse than usual.

I expect that Sunday will be piece of cake again, since I just started and I know the situation well.

The next upcoming problem could appear on next Monday, when I usually go to work and visit some of my favorite caffés, where I order coffee or tea with some breakfast. Yes, every time this kind of the beginning of the day (what I call “my time”) I used to keep with a company of several cigarettes. This situation is one of the gravest, what have to be changes in my life. Although it seems like a no problem, this particular issue can be one of the biggest I am going to face with.

Friday’s weight: 79.5 kg, today’s one: 81.9. The difference is bigger than normal, what is caused by the fact mentioned above. The experience shows that during ordinary days the weight scales +/- 1kg per day as in the case of every body else. I’d record the weight, although I assume it will fall back to my normal values (around 80kg) after a couple of days, when the peristalsis of the intestines will be stabilized.

Another unpleasant issue, which is in strictly relation with the mentioned peristalsis issue, is breaking winds (farts in short), what are smelly.

Regardless of the mentioned issues, it’s nice weekend day and the end of the year, of course.

The torture is expected to appear on Monday, how I already slightly revealed.

Happy New Year 2012 (in 55 minutes)! Hopefully with a successful finished experiment and without these stinky cigarettes.

Lol, it smells in my room. These farts are smelly 🙂 I have to air it out.


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