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Day 5 of 365 – Monday Morning / 2.1.2012

January 2, 2012

Oh shit. Hit after hit. No, I’m kidding, slightly.

I woke up at 6am without problems and started to do the ordinary morning tasks, such us showering, breakfast preparation for children and the rest of the family, etc.

On the way to the city center I took a note that one of the many stressful moments is a simple fact that you are in a hurry. I became aware of the fact that many of my morning’s caffé visits in last years were started with this kind of the small stress, which is commonly not perceived by my mind. I usually just went to one of my many favorites caffés, sit, order the coffee or tea and,… yes, exactly, started to smoke the cigarette. It’s nonsense to think, it can calm the stress down.

I just realized that the place of the origin of the word caffé is Italy; it’s funny fact, I use it for many years in English, although the correct written form in English is cafe.

Back to my morning: today I went to fitness, I go there to perform the workout, to feel better. Nothing exceptional, it’s done by many people (although not by the majority) around the world. I felt well during workout.

I’m sure I’m not alone, who feel stupid in this world to actively do sports, but also smoke. It seems like a pure contradiction, but it can be done together for many years. I said it, it’s stupidity, I know.

Well, the fitness helped as it helps almost every time I do workouts. It helps me to focus on the upcoming business day better and it pumps the good mood into my body and into my brain, said in a symbolic way. In short: I feel good and I didn’t go to caffé, thus the cigarette has been avoided.

The next harder moment, although it’s not prima facie, is the arrival to the office. It seems easy, I just came, prepared the tea and… yeah, wanted to smoke a cigarette. I did not do it, of course. I bought some apples, bananas and several tangerines on the way to the office, what revealed later as the cool idea, because it helped me to pass the critical moment mentioned above. I ate several pieces of fruits instead of smoking the cigarette.

The sniffle has come up. I consider it as a natural part of the body’s self cleaning process. I also gently feel like I got a cold, what’s not the real cold, it’s one of the withdrawal symptoms, I guess. It should disappear itself in next couple of days.

Damn, seems like the hardest are work days for me. It’s exactly what I thought before the experiment has been started.

I’m o.k. for now, have to do some work.

The most important thing is to stand it till the end of the work. It will be again piece of cake after I leave the office, because I almost did not smoke in the evening and never smoked at home.

I have to record that the also important fact is to think about it and to try to define and to exactly describe all relevant aspects and to write everything into this experimental logbook. It helps to classify thoughts.

Shit, I assume it gonna be harder for the next couple of weeks. I’m still at the very beginning phase of the experiment. There is no place for joy for the time being. But, I know that the partial achievement is every day without the cigarette in a row. The real success will be reached after the experiment finish. Where am I on the track? 5/365 🙂


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