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Day 6 of 365 – Daytime, almost same as yesterday / 3.1.2012

January 3, 2012

Today is almost the same scenario as yesterday. We had a slight rush in the morning (I have to avoid it next time). Shit, it caused an unbelievable taste for the cigarette when I went to my office. I passed the windows of my several favorite caffés on the way to the office and… what do you think? 🙂 False, you answered false. I DID NOT go there, I DID NOT SMOKE the cigarette. Cool. It has to be said, it wasn’t easy. I’m still on the experiment’s track.

I work in my office since the morning.  It is almost piece of cake here, because usually I did not smoke in the office in the past. The most problematic were my visits of restaurants, caffés, etc., what were really frequent.

I am looking forward when the business hours will be over. I’m looking forward to my children. Because I will go to home, where I have no problem without the cigarette. I never smoked there.

The feelings are almost the same as yesterday. I feel like I have a gentle grip, the sniffle is stronger than yesterday. I should take a snap of what goes out of my nose. The body self cleaning process is pretty cool on one side, but it’s ugly to see it, on the other one. Definitely, the snapshot has to be taken to remember it. To remember, what shit goes out of the body, when you quit smoking. (I said it, it’s scientific experiment. Everything has to be investigated, recorded, analyzed and evaluated for the lesson.


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