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Day 7 of 365 – Shit, it’s hard / 4.1.2012

January 4, 2012

The 7th day is fucking hard. Unbelievable. I feel like a drowsy donkey. It was quite easy in the morning, no rush stress today, so I went to do fitness workouts, what really helped. But, when I finished and moved to the office. Shit, it was hard. I got the unmanageable taste to smoke. Shit, you can’t imagine, how strong it was.

The fast counter-measure has been applied. I quickly passed several tempting caffés (I had to go faster than usual) and finally got into the small shop, where the bananas and apples were bought. The quick run to the office followed after the purchase and I started to eat fruits and work. What helped a lot.

I perceive all around me like if I would be in the gel. I have the feelings like I move slower and also the sounds around me are perceived like through the gel or the quilt.

I have to go to the meeting with the client. Shit, it’s scheduled to be in the restaurant. This is not the easy day. And much worse will be tomorrow. I have to analyze it later and prepare myself for tomorrow, for the hard day.

I’m looking forward to the week end, what will be again piece of cake, because I did not smoke over the weekends.


I have to find a new “hobby” 🙂 No more fucking cigarettes. I might fuck with more women, it’s a joy and more healthy than cigarettes :-).  What a nice idea 🙂


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