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Day 7 of 365 – The Hardest Day Since the Start / 4.1.2012

January 4, 2012

The daytime was hard for me. The strongest taste for the cigarette was around the noon. I’m happy I controlled it and I DID NOT SMOKE!

When I knocked off the today, the evening was piece of cake. It’s exactly, what I expected. I see that the most problems are hidden in the daytime on week days. So, I have to concentrate to manage mainly these critical parts for next couple of months and I could be out of the addiction to cigarettes.

The last weekend and evening / night parts of the day have confirmed that these are not a problem for me. I really smoked in very weird way. On the other side, it seems I have less problems to control myself, when I compare it to experience with “quit smoking” of the friend of mine.

I feel very well now. I have absolutely not a taste for the cigarette right now (late evening).

My nose is still clogged. The feelings of the grip / cold are in remission, what is better for me. But I still had a slight feel like  I have bloated lips.

I very happily noticed that all my clothing stopped to stink of cigarette’s smoke.

Tomorrow I have to go on the business trip, what can reveal very hard moments, because I usually smoked a lot on my business trips. I’ll be back on Friday, so the next 2 days will be the test for me. I hope I will stand the best. It’s worth a try 🙂

The coughing made worse over last 48 hours. I hope it gonna disappear in 2-4 weeks with the intensity changes over this period.

There is also one other positive: I started to feel sharper tastes of the meal.

The most important positive thing: I do not need to tell lies, when my wife asks me if I’s smoke. Because I did not, so I can tell it. I DID NOT 🙂 There is no more place for answers like: “It stinks because I visited restaurant”. Shit, this one was the only kind of the lies, what I sometimes told to my wife. There is no more need to do it. I’m very happy of it. VERY happy.

One small negative: The farts, very intensive farts, are back after 2 days. It has to be said that the peristalsis of the intestine are much better than a few days ago, what has been expected, of course. I really feel much better. I did not ever imagine, how important is to have a good feeling in your stomach. Yes, the cigarette smoking breaks the balance of it, of course. It breaks the balance for lot of other stuff in the body.

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