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Day 9 of 365 – It has all to do with the focus / 6.1.2012

January 6, 2012

Today was very busy day, very busy. It was so busy that I almost had not the time to even think of the cigarette.

Maybe, it was the main reason, why I had no problem to avoid the cigarette today. I feel much better than a few days ago.

Maybe, the bunch of apples has helped again. Maybe, the good mixture of several aspects helped. Definitely, today has been a sort of piece of cake day.

I know that it’s just the 9th day of my experiment of “how to quit smoking”, but it has to be said I feel pretty good. It seems that withdrawal symptoms have disappeared.

There is no fear about the weekend. As it has been recorder in some older articles, I almost never smoked on weekend, thus the weekend will be not any problem. So, it’s expected that some new challenges might be revealed on Monday next week.

No puff ever!

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