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Day 11 of 365 – No problem / 8.1.2012

January 8, 2012

The second day of the weekend. I had no problem with the taste for the cigarette, of course. It’s weekend.

Now I’m thinking, why I smoked in the past. I don’t understand it. Sure, I know, it’s stupid. I have to think about it more. I have to try to recall, when I started to smoke and try to reveal the reasons, why I did such a stupid thing. I’d like to do also the description, how weirdly I smoked for several years, how I smoked some days, how I did not smoke some other days at all.

When I finished smoking (o.k., I know I’m still at the beginning and still get no victory in this fight) I think slightly what indulgence I kept in my life? I see none of them. Is it really possible? Do I have no indulgence? Shit, it’s unbelievable 🙂 I do not take dope and never tried them – I just did not want to try them. I do not like to drink alcoholic beverages, although I am not the abstainer. Sometimes, I drink a sort of good wine, sometimes I grab one beer (I mean: around once a month in the average. Yes, really!). So, it seems the cigarettes was my only one indulgence. Shit, I’d start to think of myself as of the boring person 🙂 Anyway, it’s not the reason to smoke again.

I’m happy now that I did not smoke any other cigarette since the last cigarette in my life and I hope and will do anything to keep it in this manner. No puff ever!

I’m looking forward to the future and now I’m sure, I’m gonna succeed.

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