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Day 12 of 365 – In Caffé with Smokers / 9.1.2012

January 9, 2012

Monday, the 12th day of my free of smoking life. I was busy today, so there were almost no chance to get in troubles with the taste for the cigarette, except one hard moment in the afternoon.

Imagine the situation: me, sitting in caffé, waiting for the client’s representative. He came and asked me to move to smoker’s corner, because he wanted to smoke. I did not want to explain him my reasons to quit smoking to avoid stupid questions today and in the future. So, I moved to smoker’s corner. We sit for around 40 minutes, I drank one tea and discussed several topics with him . He smoked. He smoked a lot, right in the front of me. And, what do you think… I had no problem with it. I had no taste for the cigarette. I looked at just opened cigarette package laying on the table and felt nothing. I ignored the cigarettes. I did not smoke. The biggest surprise: it was not problem at all.

I am not telling it’s a way how to test if somebody’s able to quit smoking without the relapsing. I just say that it said nothing to me. At least it has been definitely ignored today. I dunno, if I’d succeed at all with my experiment.

Now I know that I’m clean 12th day, nothing more. Yes, it’s just 12/365 of my experiment. Anyway, it’s pretty progress. Everyday is progress and the goal is to achieve no puff ever rule.

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