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Day 13 of 365 – The Business Trip / 10.1.2012

January 12, 2012

It seems I gave up the experiment. But nothing is more far out of the true than it. I just had no time to write posts in the evening for the last two days. I was too exhausted to write anything 🙂

The important is that the experiment is going forward. I spent the Tuesday on the middle ranged Europe trip, where I’ve been so busy to have time time even think about cigarette. So, I did not. I did not think about the cigarette, I did not smoke. I enjoyed the Tuesday a lot and a realized that:

  • I took the lunch in one of my favorite restaurants
  • I’ve met with three girls, all of them smoked
  • I spent with them several hours in the restaurant, they smoked cigarettes
  • … and no thought even came to my mind to buy or ask for the cigarette to smoke

What seems to be very good progress from my point of view. Definitely, I had no taste for the cigarette and I did a very good small step today.

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