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Day 14 of 365 – The Ordinary Week Day / 11.1.2012

January 12, 2012

I sometimes like the common days. The day as the most common as the Wednesday has happened. I spent the day among several meetings with interesting people (the ordinary business day).

Some of them smoke, some of them do not smoke. The only strange thing in my mind: I think about people in the manner, who is smoker and who is not the smoker or is the ex smoker. It never happened to me to think about people in this way. It’s just a proof that I’m still not out of the smoking at 100%, because the normal state is to not think about it. The state should be in the manner that I do not even take care of it and I personally do not smoke.

It has to be written that since Monday this week I have almost not any taste for the cigarette. Sometimes, I think about smoking and how stupid I were in the past, when I smoked for several years. But I can say there is no real problem to avoid the cigarette this week, what’s a pretty difference to the previous week.

I’m thinking what I will write all about after several weeks. What will be topics of my posts? Will I just write something like “no puff, no problem :)”. But I’m sure I have to go with the experiment for the whole 365 days to have a good probability that the rule NO PUFF EVER! is not just a hot air or empty promise, because I mean it really seriously: NO PUFF EVER!!!

I brink back my very first post: The Last Cigarette in My Life

Do you see the shit?

The Last Cigarette in My Life

The Last Cigarette in My Life

No more this kind of shit.

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