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Day 15 of 365 – I Had to Lie / 12.1.2012

January 16, 2012

Yet another week day, I mean yet another working day. The taste for the cigarette is almost out of my scope. In fact, I think about it sometimes, but just in the manner that I know that the cigarettes exist, but I have no taste to smoke one. I perceive it as a good move in my thoughts.

I had a meeting with a friend of mine. We met together in caffé, what is not the best place for the meeting, because of the possibility to smoke, but according to the last couple of days, it seems it disappeared as the problem, so I am able to sit there and drink just coffee or tea and speak with people without the unmanageable feelings or tastes for the cigarette.

When we sit together, she asked after a while, why I do not smoke. I might expect this question, of course. But, I did not want to explain her, that I decided to quit smoking at all.  Mainly, I did not want to explain all the reasons and how I found the way, etc. I’d also like to avoid some stupid questions (stupid for me and just for next couple of weeks) such as “Do you still not smoke?” or “Is it hard?” or similar questions to be asked to me in the near future. Thus, I had to lie (slightly). I told her I’m cold. In fact, I feel o.k.  I’m not cold, of course.

So, I used this small lie to avoid non-comfortable situations in the next couple of weeks. I assume, she will not ask me after some time, because she will not be interested in it. WHat would be better for me, I guess.

Sure, it seems like definitely not important stuff. In fact, it’s not important. I have to write it, because I think I will not remember it after a couple of months.

The nice fact in my still running experiment: I do not smoke. Great!

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