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Day 16 of 365 – The Lucky Day / 13.1.2012

January 16, 2012

Some people thinks about the Friday 13th as of the unlucky day. In fact, it’s just the last week day of each week in the combination of the number 13. So, nothing special.

The last Friday was nice for me. I was quite busy, but still had the power and did the time to visit the fitness and do some workouts. What helped a lot as the day start. Then I ran as the dragon and did a lot of good stuff.

I did not mention that it’s almost evening and I went to home to play with my lovely children.

That’s exactly it. Did you notice? I did not… I did not notice any sniff of the taste to smoke the cigarette. Sure, yet another day in my life, yet another day of the life of the Earth, yet another day for everybody on this Earth, yet another day for slightly more than of people. But, looking from the point of view of this experiment of one man living on this Earth:

It was one more day without the cigarette. Without the cigarette in a row.

It was easier than I’ve imagined. It’s good progress. I feel good. No puff ever! 🙂


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