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Day 18 of 365 – The Sunday / 15.1.2012

January 17, 2012

Oops. I’m slightly late with my log book posts. Who cares? 😉 I’m gonna write everything as soon as possible. I’m just busy.

The experiment is still running. The weekend is piece of cake as it was every weekend for many years in the past, although I smoked during the week days.

I’m free of the uncomfortable feelings, what have been met during the first couple of days, when I quit smoking. I feel very good. The main changes, what have been noticed since I quit smoking these stinky cigarettes, are:

  • I feel better, in the manner of the feeling of myself and feeling of my body
  • I do not smell like an ashtray
  • I do not spend an equivalent of USD 5-7 every weekday to buy the new cigarette package
  • I thought it will be much harder to quit it
  • I thought I will be faced to much harder withdrawal symptoms
  • I thought it will be more difficult and it will take longer time to be able to visit my favorite caffés and restaurants without the feeling of the hard torture and the unmanageable taste for the cigarette
  • it’s true, what the ExSmokers website tells in the subtitle

Ex-smokers look better, smell better, feel better and have more money.

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