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Day 19 of 365 – The New Week Start / 16.1.2012

January 19, 2012

Monday, the new week. I’ve been so busy, I did not even have the chance to think about cigarettes 🙂 The good side of it – although I’m busy, I’m not under stress, so I have no taste for cigarette and I do not even about the cigarette as of the alternative to run through the busy day. It seems very positive to me, because many times in the past,  I went to caffé, sit and smoked several cigarettes with coffee or tea or whatever thinking that it helps me to calm down. I’ve lied to myself. It did not help, it was just the illusion.

As far as I see it after 19 days without any cigarette puff, it’s pretty easy to not smoke.

It seems that the most difficult step in the way of the smoking quit is just the time you do it. Just quit it and try to focus your mind for the next couple of days (maybe weeks) to free your mind out of the psychical addiction on the fact that you need to smoke. You need not to smoke at all. That’s the fact. There is no reason to smoke. Everything, what seems to be difficult, is just the illusion in our head. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, that’s the crucial point.

Anyway, I’m still free of the puff after 19 days. It’s not the experiment finish, I’m not even in the half, I’m still at the beginning. But, I do not smoke!

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