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Day 21 of 365 – No more problems? / 18.1.2012

January 24, 2012

It’s yet another week day. The common one for may people, the common one also for me. There is one exception: it’s 21 days, in the other words – exactly 3 weeks, since I smoked the last cigarette in my whole life.

There are several points, which are coming over my mind now:

  • I really thought that the problems of withdrawal symptoms will be present much longer than around a week or so
  • I thought it will take many weeks till I am able to visit my favorite caffés in the city and there will be no rpoblems of the unmanageable taste for the cigarette
  • I’m happy it is so easy to quit smoking, bigger problems were really expected

I’m telling you:

If you wanna quit smoking, just do it! Fuck off these stinky cigarettes, control, strongly control yourself for a few days, keep yourself out of the cigarettes range for a month or so… and you are out of it… Really!

Really, I did not use any other substances. I just decided to quit smoking, I just did it and wrote about it in the form of this log book.

I have to write the article about the way, how I started to smoke years ago. I have to think about the reason why I did such a stupid thing. I’d also like to think a while of my smoking routines in the past. I should also analyze, how hard or easy was to quit the smoking. Hopefully it gonna be done soon.

And …

Do not forget to eat apples. Apples are very important at the beginning of the “quit smoking” process.

  1. Good for you! I quit last year and just wrote a blog about it too. The first 4 weeks were extremely tough and I felt like crap. But it was worth it! Keep up the good work. – Sean

    • Thx for your good words. I feel the support in your comment. You are absolutely right. My current is just the lack of the time, so I am slightly delayed with my log book records 🙂

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