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Day 22 of 365 – Yet Another Business Travel / 19.1.2012

January 27, 2012

I’m slightly delayed with my log book records.

The Thursday was a kind of the busy days. I’ve been transferred to the pleasant Europe’s city to work o one project there for two days.

The business hours are without any problem. It’s 22nd day of my experiment. I have no thoughts for cigarettes. I live without them. The cigarettes do not even come to my mind, what’s found to be very good feeling and the progress in the mean of the experiment.

Although some people asked me to go to smoke with them during the day, I used the usual small lie – I feel not good, I got some cold, I’m sorry, I do not go. It works. They do not ask me for anything further. There is no need to explain I quit smoking, no need to explain the reasons, etc. I do not want to speak about it. I do not want to see smiles and laughs – that kind of  “ha haha, you gonna fall back to our club in a couple of days”, etc. I will NOT fall back into the smoker’s club. I do NOT WANT. No puff ever.

The dinner, the lovely time spent in the party of three very sexy women. All of them smoked. I did not take the cigarette, although it has been offered  to me several times in the evening. I have been asked, why I do not smoke. I explained them my reasons, I explained that I were pissed off by smoking on 28th of December and I quit it. I did not tell them I write the blog about it. I did not think it’s important. They were very good and the support for my decision has been presented. I like them, all of them 🙂 That was PERFECT evening with friends. I did not smoke!

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