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Day 33 – 35 of 365 – Several Days at Once / 30.1. – 1.2. 2012

February 1, 2012

Yet another cumulative log book post.

  • I noticed I have still less and less topics to be written about smoking. What, in fact, is natural, because I do not smoke 🙂
  • I also noticed, it’s exactly 35 days since I quit smoking at all.
  • I notice I feel very good.
  • I notice I have no thoughts about smoking and cigarettes.
  • I’m happy I succeed and I really did not smoke since I quit it.

I’m very surprised it was not very hard to quit it. Yes, I felt some problems for the first 14 days, but I thought it gonna influence my life much longer. I thought that the addiction is more powerful.  I’m happy, it isn’t.

No puff ever, guys and girls! Anybody of you, who would like to quit the fucking stinky smoking, I have the message for ya:

Do not think why you can’t quit it! I’m sure you will think of the thousands of reasons, why you can’t. I’m sure you are clever enough to find all of these reasons.

Fuck all of these thoughts off. Really, fuck them off. Just smoke your last cigarette (do it exactly right now), get rid of all ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and all other fucking smoking stuff. Do it at once. AND… Just…. QUIT that fucking SMOKING.

Do not forget to eat many apples for the first 2-3 weeks. It gotta help a lot 🙂

I mean all of it seriously. This is not a stupid advertisement. This is a pure experience of one of you, of one man walking and breathing on this Earth like you. If I were able to quit smoking, I’m pretty sure, you are able to do it the same way. Quit that fucking smoking. You gonna be surprised how easy it is, although you think right now, it’s hard. Trust me, it’s not hard, I did it. I passed it 🙂


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