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Still on the Track / 22.6.2012

June 22, 2012

It has to be said: I’m fucking good, really… I am.

I’m still on the track and I do not smoke

I feel just lack of the enthusiasm to write ore info on this blog about my way of the life without these stinky cigarettes. I’m really happy that my life is almost 6 complete months in a row free of any cigarettes.

I had no puff since the beginning of this experiment. I feel much better… and, what seems to be the most important to me, I was able to quit smoking from day to day without any real problems… Yes, there were some stupid symptoms during the first 3 or 4 weeks since I quit, but… it is possible to pass it, what is a good message for all of ya, who thinks how to quit…

I’ve got a message for ya:

Smoke your last cigarette, stop to waste the time to think of it and STOP smoking (it’s pretty easy, just do not start the next cigarette… do you see? it is just easy as this… do not start a new onew…) Just do it, do not ask any questions yourself… just do it! Nothing else… you gotta realize, how simple is it… you gotta agree with me.

Be as good as me. You can, I’m pretty sure YOU can. Just do it… Don’t tell me any shit, why it is not possible… don’t tell any kind of this shit to yourself… just STOP smoking…

And… by the way: do not forget to eat some good apples (at least for the first couple of weeks since your start)


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