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Day 24 of 365 – The Weekend / 21.1.2012

There is nothing to describe for this weekend, because I do not smoke 🙂

Yap, I enjoyed the weekend with my little princesses, of course.


Day 23 of 365 – The Work and the Way Back / 20.1.2012

The Friday, it was pretty easy.  I did some of my daily business stuff and went to the airport to travel back to home. Although there were many place on my way, where a man can smoke, I did not even think about it.

I landed on at my home airport and the weekend is upcoming, where no problems are expected as usual (in the mean of the smoking). Uff, I have to reserve some time to write about it. I still think it’s important to write about the way how I smoked in the past to understand the reasons, why I did such a stupid thing, and to remember it well.

Day 22 of 365 – Yet Another Business Travel / 19.1.2012

I’m slightly delayed with my log book records.

The Thursday was a kind of the busy days. I’ve been transferred to the pleasant Europe’s city to work o one project there for two days.

The business hours are without any problem. It’s 22nd day of my experiment. I have no thoughts for cigarettes. I live without them. The cigarettes do not even come to my mind, what’s found to be very good feeling and the progress in the mean of the experiment.

Although some people asked me to go to smoke with them during the day, I used the usual small lie – I feel not good, I got some cold, I’m sorry, I do not go. It works. They do not ask me for anything further. There is no need to explain I quit smoking, no need to explain the reasons, etc. I do not want to speak about it. I do not want to see smiles and laughs – that kind of  “ha haha, you gonna fall back to our club in a couple of days”, etc. I will NOT fall back into the smoker’s club. I do NOT WANT. No puff ever.

The dinner, the lovely time spent in the party of three very sexy women. All of them smoked. I did not take the cigarette, although it has been offered  to me several times in the evening. I have been asked, why I do not smoke. I explained them my reasons, I explained that I were pissed off by smoking on 28th of December and I quit it. I did not tell them I write the blog about it. I did not think it’s important. They were very good and the support for my decision has been presented. I like them, all of them 🙂 That was PERFECT evening with friends. I did not smoke!

Day 21 of 365 – No more problems? / 18.1.2012

It’s yet another week day. The common one for may people, the common one also for me. There is one exception: it’s 21 days, in the other words – exactly 3 weeks, since I smoked the last cigarette in my whole life.

There are several points, which are coming over my mind now:

  • I really thought that the problems of withdrawal symptoms will be present much longer than around a week or so
  • I thought it will take many weeks till I am able to visit my favorite caffés in the city and there will be no rpoblems of the unmanageable taste for the cigarette
  • I’m happy it is so easy to quit smoking, bigger problems were really expected

I’m telling you:

If you wanna quit smoking, just do it! Fuck off these stinky cigarettes, control, strongly control yourself for a few days, keep yourself out of the cigarettes range for a month or so… and you are out of it… Really!

Really, I did not use any other substances. I just decided to quit smoking, I just did it and wrote about it in the form of this log book.

I have to write the article about the way, how I started to smoke years ago. I have to think about the reason why I did such a stupid thing. I’d also like to think a while of my smoking routines in the past. I should also analyze, how hard or easy was to quit the smoking. Hopefully it gonna be done soon.

And …

Do not forget to eat apples. Apples are very important at the beginning of the “quit smoking” process.

Day 20 of 365 – Another Busy Day / 17.1.2012

I have one problem. I’m very busy since the last Tuesday. It’s visible on the records into this logbook. Shit. I planned to keep writing every single day in my experiment, what seems to be unreal, at least in the manner to write at least one post per each day. I still think I’m able to write some notes for every single dayl, although they are written with the slight delay.

Back to the main topic of this experiment’s diary – it’s very important that I did not take any new cigarette since I the smoking has been quit. The rule “No puff ever!” is still kept.

This one is the record for the 20th day of the experiment. I feel pretty well in general.

Day 19 of 365 – The New Week Start / 16.1.2012

Monday, the new week. I’ve been so busy, I did not even have the chance to think about cigarettes 🙂 The good side of it – although I’m busy, I’m not under stress, so I have no taste for cigarette and I do not even about the cigarette as of the alternative to run through the busy day. It seems very positive to me, because many times in the past,  I went to caffé, sit and smoked several cigarettes with coffee or tea or whatever thinking that it helps me to calm down. I’ve lied to myself. It did not help, it was just the illusion.

As far as I see it after 19 days without any cigarette puff, it’s pretty easy to not smoke.

It seems that the most difficult step in the way of the smoking quit is just the time you do it. Just quit it and try to focus your mind for the next couple of days (maybe weeks) to free your mind out of the psychical addiction on the fact that you need to smoke. You need not to smoke at all. That’s the fact. There is no reason to smoke. Everything, what seems to be difficult, is just the illusion in our head. Nothing more. Nothing less. Yes, that’s the crucial point.

Anyway, I’m still free of the puff after 19 days. It’s not the experiment finish, I’m not even in the half, I’m still at the beginning. But, I do not smoke!

Day 18 of 365 – The Sunday / 15.1.2012

Oops. I’m slightly late with my log book posts. Who cares? 😉 I’m gonna write everything as soon as possible. I’m just busy.

The experiment is still running. The weekend is piece of cake as it was every weekend for many years in the past, although I smoked during the week days.

I’m free of the uncomfortable feelings, what have been met during the first couple of days, when I quit smoking. I feel very good. The main changes, what have been noticed since I quit smoking these stinky cigarettes, are:

  • I feel better, in the manner of the feeling of myself and feeling of my body
  • I do not smell like an ashtray
  • I do not spend an equivalent of USD 5-7 every weekday to buy the new cigarette package
  • I thought it will be much harder to quit it
  • I thought I will be faced to much harder withdrawal symptoms
  • I thought it will be more difficult and it will take longer time to be able to visit my favorite caffés and restaurants without the feeling of the hard torture and the unmanageable taste for the cigarette
  • it’s true, what the ExSmokers website tells in the subtitle

Ex-smokers look better, smell better, feel better and have more money.