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Day 365 of 365 – I am clean / 29.12.2012

It should be screamed out LOUD.

I’m clean. I got it.

I did not smoke anything since the start of this experiment. What is exactly… yes, you can count with me… right… 1 day, 2 days, 3 days…. many more days…. fucking good result, yeah, it’s exactly 365 days without the stinky fucking bad cigarette πŸ™‚ It happened on 29th of December 2012. The experiment’s goal line has been reached.

I am happy, I did it. You can do it, too. Trust me. If I was able to quit it, you are able to do it, too. You just have to WANT to QUIT.

Yes, my life is still good still the same adventure on this planet… but, personally, I got one HUGE success. I DO NOT SMOKE. After many years, …. shit, I smoked since my 18 for 18 years? I can’t believe it, I was so stupid. Ok, well… I am clean now, a few days ore than one whole year I did not smoke a cigarette. COOL.

Several changes in my life have happened:

  • my clothing does not stink everyday with cigarette smell
  • my teeth are more white
  • my breath is not stinking by cigarette
  • my fingers on my hands do not stink
  • there is no need to search for fucking lighter and the pack of cigarettes in my pockets
  • it does not happen more that I realize the package is empty and have to go to buy a new one
  • money were not used to pay for cigarettes, but has been wasted in some other, but far better manner πŸ™‚
  • I feel better physically
  • my body condition is better
  • I do not have bad feelings more, when I smoked after the workout (such a stupidity)
  • better sex enjoyment πŸ™‚

You know what’s important? I do not need the cigarette to live the interesting live.

That’s all, good, I feel good. I feel very good.

No more puff ever!

The experiment is over. The results are cool. The goal of the experiment has been achieved at 100%. I am one year older, maybe a slightly smarter, but clean in the manner of smoking. That’s cool.


I Feel Good, Really Good / 29.9. 2012

I’m still holding everything under control regarding the the fact I quit smoking. In fact, there is already no need to hold myself in some focused way. I just live my life and I do not need cigarette.


It is 276 days from the start date, from the date 29th of December 2011, when I smoked my last cigarette and stopped smoking at all.

Imagine it in other ways:

  • 9 months, 1 day including the end date

Alternative time units
276 days can be converted to one of these units:

  • 23 846 400 seconds
  • 397 440 minutes
  • 6624 hours
  • 39 weeks (rounded down)

You can think nothing of it. It’s normal, I know. I really know it. But there might be some good people among you, who tried to stop with smoking and did not succeed. You might think it is hard or impossible. It’s not. It’s easier than you can imagine. You just need to WANT to STOP it. That’ all, folks.

Read my posts since the beginning of my attempt. Everything what I wrote is true.

It gonna be soon one year without cigarette. I am happy. I am off it. I stopped πŸ™‚

If you got the inspiration by my story or just feel it helped you, let me know in comments. Let me know your experience.

Enough for my weekend’s evening thoughts, for now.


Still on the Track /Β 22.6.2012

Still on the Track / 22.6.2012

It has to be said: I’m fucking good, really… I am.

I’m still on the track and I do not smoke

I feel just lack of the enthusiasm to write ore info on this blog about my way of the life without these stinky cigarettes. I’m really happy that my life is almost 6 complete months in a row free of any cigarettes.

I had no puff since the beginning of this experiment. I feel much better… and, what seems to be the most important to me, I was able to quit smoking from day to day without any real problems… Yes, there were some stupid symptoms during the first 3 or 4 weeks since I quit, but… it is possible to pass it, what is a good message for all of ya, who thinks how to quit…

I’ve got a message for ya:

Smoke your last cigarette, stop to waste the time to think of it and STOP smoking (it’s pretty easy, just do not start the next cigarette… do you see? it is just easy as this… do not start a new onew…) Just do it, do not ask any questions yourself… just do it! Nothing else… you gotta realize, how simple is it… you gotta agree with me.

Be as good as me. You can, I’m pretty sure YOU can. Just do it… Don’t tell me any shit, why it is not possible… don’t tell any kind of this shit to yourself… just STOP smoking…

And… by the way: do not forget to eat some good apples (at least for the first couple of weeks since your start)

Day 93 of 365 – A Short Summary After a Longer Time / 29.3. 2012

This is unbelievable. This blog just came to my mind a couple of minutes ago, so I logged in and….

  • I counted, it’s 93 days since I quit smoking at all
  • it’s 93 days where each of them was the cigarette free day
  • it’s 93 days without any more puff
  • it has been unbelievable easy to quit smoking of stinky cigarettes

Trust me. My life is better, at least from my point of view. Several small but important details have changed. I feel pretty good.

The experiment is still running. I promise to post some notes from time to time. I think I am on the right track to not smoke more ever. I think I’d be proud to write a nice and summary at the end of this experiment on 28. 12. 2012.

Cool πŸ™‚

Day 33 – 35 of 365 – Several Days at Once / 30.1. – 1.2. 2012

Yet another cumulative log book post.

  • I noticed I have still less and less topics to be written about smoking. What, in fact, is natural, because I do not smoke πŸ™‚
  • I also noticed, it’s exactly 35 days since I quit smoking at all.
  • I notice I feel very good.
  • I notice I have no thoughts about smoking and cigarettes.
  • I’m happy I succeed and I really did not smoke since I quit it.

I’m very surprised it was not very hard to quit it. Yes, I felt some problems for the first 14 days, but I thought it gonna influence my life much longer. I thought that the addiction is more powerful.Β  I’m happy, it isn’t.

No puff ever, guys and girls! Anybody of you, who would like to quit the fucking stinky smoking, I have the message for ya:

Do not think why you can’t quit it! I’m sure you will think of the thousands of reasons, why you can’t. I’m sure you are clever enough to find all of these reasons.

Fuck all of these thoughts off. Really, fuck them off. Just smoke your last cigarette (do it exactly right now), get rid of all ashtrays, cigarettes, lighters and all other fucking smoking stuff. Do it at once. AND… Just…. QUIT that fucking SMOKING.

Do not forget to eat many apples for the first 2-3 weeks. It gotta help a lot πŸ™‚

I mean all of it seriously. This is not a stupid advertisement. This is a pure experience of one of you, of one man walking and breathing on this Earth like you. If I were able to quit smoking, I’m pretty sure, you are able to do it the same way. Quit that fucking smoking. You gonna be surprised how easy it is, although you think right now, it’s hard. Trust me, it’s not hard, I did it. I passed it πŸ™‚

Day 26 – 32 of 365 – Whole Week Records at Once / 23.1. – 29.1. 2012

I’m bloody over loaded by my cool work. On one side I enjoy it, I also play a lot with my children and do not do a kind of work-a-holism, but all of these activities caused I were not able to write an ordinary post to my log book every evening.

I also thought on longer trips what I should I write about. I really thought that the smoking quit will sustain a topic relevance for at least a couple of months. But I have to say, what has been already said several times: I have no problems with the fact that I quit smoking. I just do not smoke, what is cool. I did not do ever a puff since 28th of December 2011. Exactly how I decided to do it.

I visited several restaurants in the last week and I had no taste for the cigarette. I also tried to explain to several of my friends, why I quit smoking. In fact, I think, nobody of them were really interested in it, but they even asked for it, so I answered. I sit with my friends, we talk, we eat some good lunch. Some of them are smokers, some of them are not. I don’t care of it. The most important thing for me: I do not have even the taste or thought for the cigarette, although I sit just in the front of the smoker and he/she is smoking.

Interesting fact… I really think why I were so stupid for many years and I smoked cigarettes.

The intention of this log book has to be re-thought. As far as I see, even I’d have time for writing a daily post, the lack of topics would be killing for he daily kind of approach.

I think I will keep this log book running, but the daily posts basis is switched to the ad-hoc basis, what means I will record a log book post every time I get some really interesting material related to “how to quit smoking?” topic, what is the initial idea behind this experiment.

Day 25 of 365 – The Weekend / 22.1.2012

The Sunday. Nothing to write about under the scope of this experiment.

Though, I did not smoke, of course πŸ™‚